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The Best College Life Hacks

Going to college is a big change for newbies, but it can also be hard to manage even if you’re a few years in. Balancing your class schedule with homework, a job and other obligations can make it very hard to keep up with everything. Fortunately, by incorporating a few hacks into your life, you can keep it all under control and succeed at school without it being the only thing you have time for.

1. Record Your Lectures

If you can get permission to record your lectures, it makes it much easier to study because listening to the information is a whole lot faster than reading it. Plus, you can multitask and fold laundry or dust your dorm room while you listen.

2. Color Code Your Notes

This allows you to quickly find the precise information you need and going back and forth with colors as you take notes will help solidify the information in your brain so that doing homework and taking exams comes a bit easier without a ton of study time.

3. Start with Easy Classes

When you start college, consider going with some of the easier classes at the outset, which helps you get into the swing of things and build up a pretty good GPA right off the bat.

4. Learn to Cook in the Microwave

Whether you have a dorm room or a tiny studio apartment near campus, learning to cook in the microwave will save you. You can make tons of stuff in there that is fast, healthy and easy so that you can always eat great and save money on dining out.

5. Make Your Schedule Your Lock Screen

No matter what year you are in your college degree, keeping track of your schedule at the beginning of the semester can be tough. Take a picture of your schedule and make it your smartphone’s lock screen. Then all you have to do is pull out your phone and you’ll know where you need to be.

6. Study at the Library

The trick here is to leave your laptop back at the dorm and turn your phone off. You’re probably well aware of what a time suck the Internet can be and getting rid of the distraction helps you stay productive and on task.

7. Forget the Campus Bookstore

You can often find used books at the campus bookstore, but sometimes you’ll be stuck paying full price. You don’t have to buy your books on campus though. Check area bookstores or purchase online to save loads of money.

8. Keep it Simple

Whether you use paper plates to limit your cleanup time or you highlight important info in your textbooks instead of making flash cards, little tweaks like these can save you time, which is a precious commodity in college. You’ll still get stuff done, but won’t be up all night doing it.

College isn’t going to be the easiest thing you ever do, but you can keep things from getting too chaotic by using easy hacks to make life easier and still get good grades and have some time for fun too.