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Essay Format

When you look at an essay, what do you see? You might just see the content, but an experienced essay provider will notice the structure, the formatting style, the citation style and the general type of the essay. There are lots of possible differences, and any student that wants to buy essay from a writing service should know which order essay format they need. A well formatted assignment always looks great, and it is always good practice to format your work elegantly – it is not just a matter of looks, but making the content as clear and easy to read as possible.

The Major Essay Formats

The most popular paper styles are MLA, APA and Turabian.

  • MLA is appropriate for paper writing in the humanities and the liberal arts, with wide double spacing, 1 inch margins, clear font and 12pt font size. Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner, and italics should be used when providing emphasis.
  • APA is usually used in the social sciences. Similarly to MLA there should be double spacing, 1 inch margins and clear 12pt font. A header should be created for every page, including the title of the paper in all capital letters. APA papers should include a title page, abstract, main body and references.
  • Turabian is a slightly modified version of the Chicago style, but unlike the Chicago style, which is most commonly used in the professional, non-academic world, Turabian is designed to be used in any college subject. It generally follows the same clear style and formatting as MLA, but includes citations at the bottom of each page.
  • Other styles include AMA, which is the standard format for making citations in medical research.

Essay Structure

From a cause and effect essay to a simple five paragraphs essay, all essays will follow the same basic structure – structures may differ slightly from one type of essay to the next, though in general there will be the same underlying structure.

A typical essay structure includes the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. The introduction will introduce the subject and the purpose of the essay, providing some context and explaining why the topic of the paper is important. The main body will get to the heart of the matter and provide supporting statements and evidence for logical arguments. The conclusion will explain the significance of your argument and reinforce the overall point of the essay.

Types of Essay

There are three major essay types which group together common themes. The definition essay or application essay is factual and informative, providing a detailed analysis of a specific topic using examples, facts and statistics. The creative essay type, which includes the narrative and the descriptive essay, is about telling a story or describing a certain situation or place. The last type is the persuasive essay, which requires you to use techniques to convince the reader to side with your opinion and point of view. Each type draws different sets of skills.