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With so many academic writing services out there, it is understandable if you are confused and don’t know which service to choose. Writing services reviews websites are the solution to this problem – you can read clear and factual reviews of paper writing services and use the information to make the right choice. But you should watch out! Many review websites are not what they seem.

Many fake review websites have appeared over the last few years. Such websites are affiliates of certain writing services, who create these sites to promote their own agenda and make themselves appear better than the competition. Reviews, recommendations and ratings provided on such sites may provide some useful information, but on the whole they are biased towards the service that the site is affiliated to. As such, information is misleading, making you think that a service will give you great results when in fact it won’t.

So how do you spot fake review websites? As an independent review site we have a good understanding of other sites like ours (both the real and the fake), and there are a number of signs that we have noticed with the fakers. Let’s take a look at them.

The Main Signs of Fake Review Websites

Fake affiliate review sites make lots of exaggerated claims about “top writing services”, and they tend to focus on the good without examining the bad. Any good independent review service will let the customer know both the positives and the negatives, but most fake affiliate websites don’t want to push customers away from the affiliated services, and so only talk about the good things. We have seen reviews that are little more than sales pieces. This is not too difficult to spot – just make sure you keep this in mind if you a reading reviews on a new review site.

Another obvious sign is when a review service gives poor reviews to lots of essay writing services, except for one service, where an excellent review is given. A genuine service will give balanced reviews of a wide range of different writing services, and will highlight a number of services that are stronger than the rest. The point here is balance, so if you see a site that doesn’t give balanced reviews, it probably isn’t genuine. You should also be careful of any sites that don’t have many reviews.

There is another sign to spotting fake review websites, and though it is quite a difficult sign to spot, if you do see it then you can be almost certain that the site is a fake affiliated site. When you click on a link that takes you from a review website to a writing company, check the info that appears briefly in the bottom-left hand corner of your browser. If the name of a different website appears – even for just a second – then this is an obvious sign that the sites are affiliated.

The point of a review site such as ours is to give students genuine and unbiased reviews of academic services, and what can be less biased than reviews from the customer’s themselves?! We invite people who have used writing services online to post their reviews on this site. On the other hand, fake sites will often not allow users to post comments, or interact with the site in any other way.

Remember to keep these points in mind when searching for academic services. If you aren’t sure, trust in your instincts. If the site feels like it might be an affiliate, it probably is.